• Networking in English

    • Network and speak with others in English to enhance your skills
    • Food & Drink will be available for a small fee to help with the learning process after a hard days work


Next Meeting: 18 January 2020

English Speaking Club

A great way to improve your knowledge of the English language is in a relaxed atmosphere with homemade food and drink, from different cultures to help break the ice.

Here you'll be able to talk about different topics that of interest to you and of course, close to your heart. In essence, you decide what you'll be talking about. Don't worry about not being fluent, as long as you can introduce yourself and even start a conversation, then why not give it a go and surprise yourself! 

This will be held on a quarterly basis and held after work in the classrooms at LSC Sprachschule, or in the summer on the balcony.

Maximum number of available seats: 15

Zur feste Anmeldung bitten wir Sie Ihre Bestätigung einzureichen und den angegeben Betrag zu überweisen.

Look forward to sharing good and interesting conversation with you over a bite to eat.


Potage aux Legumes
Home made French bread

Mineral water, Tea & Coffee

 Still Available

€  10,- p.P. 

Starts : 18:00 

Zahlungs- und Anmeldefrist: 
14. January 2020